Transit Authority
Caleb Hildenbrandt
You’re Too Close To Her Face by Ben Morgan
You can order copies of my short story collection Tell God I Don’t Exist through Paypal. I ship every Tuesday. It will come to you soon. If you would like the book personalized with a signature/little note, let me know in the comments on Paypal and I would be happy to oblige.  Here is the link:
There is an eBook version available that will arrive via e-mail in both .mobi and .epub versions. Here is a link to the Paypal for the eBook:
Or you can get the version downloaded direct to your Kindle or mobile device via Amazon, here:
june, 2013by Jakob Maier
free poetry ebook
The Millennium Bred Millennials
by Tomi Uysingco
The short story Millennium Bred Millennials will be appearing on the short story collection Life: A Fanfic About Life.
EVERYWHERECLOUD / penny goring / FREE / link:
I WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR WHORE [love songs for Billy Corgan] is the debut poetry collection by Alexandra Naughton, published by Punk Hostage Press in January, 2014.
Available for $9.95 via createspace and amazon.
Real Life is a book by Reykjavík-based artist, writer and music person John Rogers. It collects stories and poems written between November 2012-2013. It is published by Habitat. Order a ltd. edition paperback here, or get a pay-what-you-want ebook here.
Home Depot Profiles In Courage
by Jesse Myner
Slime Line: Adventures In Fish Processing
by Jesse Myner
Everythingness, a free echap / visual poem by John Rogers. Plain text version here.
American Paranoid Restaurant and other stories.
Caleb Hildenbrandt
I Say These Things to You.
by Caleb Hildenbrandtpoetryfree
"Intimate Dialogues" is a story collection from Vincent Eaton.
Book info:
Book Trailer:
$9.95 paperback
$4.49 ebook
'MDMA and Menthol Cigarettes' by Richard BrammerClick here for free PDF version. 
Also please visit: to view book trailers amongst other bits.